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Hello. My name is Luna Nyx Frost and I’m a writer & researcher for both Kupatana Magazine and Gothic Bite Magazine. I also write poems for both and sometimes even contributes to The Geek Initiative.

I’m a proud “Potterhead” and LARPER, a Whovian and most recently, started watching a little Star Trek. Despite being more of a fantasy lover with a love for Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and The Phantom of the Opera, I also enjoy a little sci-fi here and there.

However, I guess what I love the most is Ancient History and its numerous mythologies I often read about. Maybe it started with a little Walt Disney tales or maybe not, but either way, I’m both a Disney fan and avid mythology enthusiast.

You must wonder why I was hired to write and do research for a Gothic magazine? Well, I do have a darker side to myself that I most enjoy, but keep secret. You might not see it in the way I dress or what I might look like, but it’s there. Through the reading’s I’ve done: Edgar Allan Poe or a little Stephen King. My love for the paranormal is one that I most cherish and won’t easily let go of… and why would I?

As for Kupatana, well, I am an animal lover. I’m an introvert person and so, animals are the perfect companions. I love to lose myself in nature, listening to the birds singing and squirrels running around hiding their nuts. But what I most enjoy, is watching horses trotting, wolves howling and so, I’ve joined the magazine to share my love for the environment and animal kingdom.

I guess that concludes my introduction.
Enjoy the rest of my website!
Luna Nyx Frost 


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